The Deus, new metal detector made by XP, makers of the Goldmaxx Power

The Deus – can it really be as good as they say? Anybody tried one? I’d really love to see an independent review or video on this one. This detector has really caught my attention, not just because of claims about its performance (although that certainly is a big factor), because it weighs less than 1 kilo (2.2lbs) and is wireless. The weight is a huge selling point for detectorists (like me) that have back problems. The Deus is made by the french company that gave us the Goldmaxx Power, a machine that has achieved legendary status among many detectorists.

Some useful metal detecting links for all you newbies and beginners

With all the news coverage of the amazing metal detecting finds that have been made recently, more people than ever before are taking up metal detecting, I thought it might be useful to put up a few links to help you newbies and beginners get started:

Metal Detecting Clubs – A great way to get started is to join your local metal detecting club, lots of people on hand to show you the ropes, recommend metal detectors and equipment, and if you ask your fellow members nicely they might show you how to use it.

Federation of Independant Detectorists – Joining the FID gives you £5,000,000 of public liability insurance (in case of accidents etc. on someone elses property).

Read the magazines – The UK currently has two metal detecting magazines, Treasure Hunting and The Searcher, they frequently include reviews of the latest metal detectors and details of  metal detecting rallies around the country.

Metal detecting forums – there are millions of them with new ones starting up every week, soon there will be more metal detecting forums than there are metal detectorists. They can’t all last however, they never do! The trick is to find one you like and stick with it., Blogging About Metal Detecting, Gold Prospecting and Metal Detectors