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Testing out the New Garrett ATX

I’ve always had a soft spot for Garrett metal detectors, my first ever computerized detector was a Garrett Master Hunter CXIII. When I heard Garrett was making a high-end pulse induction detector I was intrigued… One story I came across said that one metal detectorist using the Garrett ATX on a beach had to dig a 3 foot deep hole for a twenty pence piece!

I am going to try and find the bestĀ Garrett ATX videos from YouTube and post them here.

The Deus, new metal detector made by XP, makers of the Goldmaxx Power

The Deus – can it really be as good as they say? Anybody tried one? I’d really love to see an independent review or video on this one. This detector has really caught my attention, not just because of claims about its performance (although that certainly is a big factor), because it weighs less than 1 kilo (2.2lbs) and is wireless. The weight is a huge selling point for detectorists (like me) that have back problems. The Deus is made by the french company that gave us the Goldmaxx Power, a machine that has achieved legendary status among many detectorists.